Who is flying higher already

Out of 1,000 business decision makers, 98% agree that digital is critical for future business success, but 95% encounter challenges when trying to do so. - Riverbed Global Survey

Why does this happen?

  • Wrong target segmentation
  • Bad purchase experience
  • Difficulty to finalize a purchase

How does it impact your business?

  • Waste of money
  • Underperforming ROI
  • Good staff fired or startups closed


To grow internet sales

ROI's improvement

Organize their marketing processes

Raise the team's knowledge

Align marketing goals with business’ needs


So, how to increase your sales?

We’ll boost your company’s growth focused on strategies and processes that limit risks and increase your sales.

For that, we’ll use DATA methodology which includes four essential steps for a successful digital marketing. It brings together over ten years’ experience in Digital Strategies, Optimization to conversion, Engineering and Information Technology.  

This method has been applied in several companies resulting in impressive sales volume and return on investment (ROI). As in the case study endorsed by Google Ads Brazil, in which we increased the conversion of our client by 235% saving 40% of the investment.

Your marketing team will work in cooperation with Blast Marketing team and, by the end of the boosting program, they will be ready to keep applying all the knowledge obtained with total autonomy.

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Our Method

With DATA methodology we will focus on strategy that really matters, making limits to the risks and boosting the growth of your company.


We’ll dive deep into the analysis of marketing actions in your company and also of the competitor.

Action Plan

We will build a personalized action plan for your company, and so, it will improve the performance at all the stages of user’s journey.


Altogether, with the internal team or agency, we will put into practice the strategy created to improve the performance of each disclosure channel.


Continuous process of monitoring and optimization in order to keep numbers growing.

The Big change in your marketing


  • KPI and Metrics Monitoring
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Deeply understand your business from data

High conversion website

  • Usability and user experience
  • Easy conversion website
  • Have everything tracked and improve your performance

Efficient e-mail marketing

  • Get know how to impact your user properly
  • Set up a relationship with your target
  • Monitoring performance and metrics

Google: Awareness, traffic and conversions

  • Apply advanced tactics
  • Remarketing: Do not miss any conversions
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Online Ads

  • Apply advanced tactics
  • Remarketing: Do not miss any conversions
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Social Media

  • Social media profiles on Google search
  • High conversion posts
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Our Partners

By segmenting potential buyers with the right message, the sales cycle time decreases, profits get scale and the incoming will keep on growing.

What our clients say about us

Blast has showed us the importance of a good content planning to be published, its shape and frequency as well. Furthermore, we have been seing our competitors in a different and more complete way, that has brought important insights on which ways to go in terms of usability, advertisement, and information.

Conrado Navarro
Co-founder & Partner -

A Blast nos mostrou a importância de planejar muito bem o conteúdo a ser publicado, sua forma e também periodicidade. Além disso, passamos a conhecer nossos concorrentes de uma forma diferente, mais completa, o que trouxe insights importantes sobre que caminhos seguir em termos de usabilidade, publicidade e informação.

Conrado Navarro
Cofundador e Sócio -

Our Team


Lisane Andrade

CEO & Founder

MBA in Marketing Digital by Instituto Infnet.

SEO and Metrics teacher at Instituto Infnet e FACHA Universities.

11 years’ experience in Digital Strategies, SEO specialist, Google Adwords, and Metrics. Successful case endorsed by Google Ads Brazil in which our client obtained an increase of 235,91% conversion with 40% savings, resulting in 82% lower cost-per-acquisition.


Cadu de Castro Alves

CTO & Co-founder

Bachelor in Production Engineering by Universidade Estácio de Sá.

For the last 15 years has worked on projects and initiatives related to technology, startups, entrepreneurship, innovation, and coworking.

Worked as organizer, speaker and mentor at events like Geeks On Beer, Campus Party, Startup Farm, Startup Weekend, WordCamp, DEMO Brazil and Encontro Coworking Brazil.